EventMAP vs Oréll vs Reculta : Which is right for you?

July 17, 2024

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If you’ve just started exploring software options for automating your campus placements, it’s more than likely that you’ve come across the most renowned placement automation platforms out there: Reculta, Oréll and EventMAP

These placement automation tools are packed with amazing features designed to help you enhance your placement outcomes. However, the question is: which one of them is the best choice for your business?

In our detailed comparison of Reculta vs. Oréll vs. EventMAP, we will analyse their key features to help you find out which placement automation software is the best option for your campus placements.

About Reculta:

Reculta is a comprehensive campus placement platform designed to streamline and optimise recruitment processes for educational institutions and companies. It aims to bridge the gap between institutions and recruiters by providing a centralised, digital solution that connects multiple stakeholders, including students, recruiters, and alumni.

Reculta focuses on reducing recruitment costs, enhancing engagement, and maximising return on investment by leveraging advanced data analytics. The platform digitises and manages all placement-related activities, offering personalised insights to improve decision-making and efficiency.

Reculta’s system is accessible, scalable, secure, and customizable, catering to the specific needs of institutions and recruiters to facilitate hassle-free recruitment processes.

About Oréll:

Oréll Placement is designed, developed, and deployed to allow efficient management of placement services at institutions of learning while conserving time, money, and effort in the process. Doing away with bottlenecks and streamlining the entire process, Oréll Placement supports all modern metadata and open standards.

Leveraging open standards and protocols and serving as a one-stop solution for placements, HireU is a user-friendly, extremely robust, and mobile job board portal.

About EventMAP:

Placement by EventMAP is a centralised software platform designed to streamline the entire process of student placements, integrating data from students, placement providers, and tutors while managing various stages such as opportunity listings, applications, interviews, task tracking, and attendance monitoring. 

It offers automated allocation based on predefined rules and constraints and supports real-time, cloud-based access to information for all stakeholders, including students, staff, and placement providers.

Additionally, it includes comprehensive data management capabilities, ensuring seamless integration and accurate data handling across multiple software systems.

Reculta vs Oréll vs EventMAP: A comparison of features

Here's a side-by-side feature comparison chart to help you decide which campus placement software suits your team’s needs.

Compare Features




Institution/E-learning Panel

Employer Panel

Real-time placements analytics 

Placement Reports

SMS Gateway/Notifications

Student’s recruitment stage tracking

Students Database

Job Board for students

Job application tracking for employers

Job posting option for employers

Cloud Storage

Customer Support

Student Panel

Resume Builder for students

Assessments for students

Which is better? Reculta vs. Oréll vs. EventMAP?

The better platform is the one that meets your specific business needs. When choosing your placement automation platform, consider your business goals and budget. 

As for these two, both are excellent platforms. The choice would depend on how much you can allocate for your automation expenses. The level of placement automation you need will also vary according to your business size and nature.

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