AI-Enabled Career Services Platform

More Placements and Engagement with Less Manual Efforts

Improve placement numbers and student referrals with our automated AI placement products while reducing 70% of manual work

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Go Productive Beyond Sheets

Manage students, employers, agencies and jobs from a single platform. Automate and organize your work for maximum outcome






Automated Job Sourcing

Save 95% of your time. Keep your job boards fresh. Collect and manage jobs without any manual effort

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Boost Student Job Conversions
Empower your students to apply to more jobs, prepare themselves with unlimited AI mock interviews and keep them engaged through a comprehensive platform
AI Placement Platform

Branded Student Placement Platform

Engage student effectively using LineupX

  • Automate reminders and follow-ups

  • Track student progress real-time

  • Scale student engagement automatically

Branded Job Board

Personalized Jobs for Students

AI matched jobs for increasing application and conversion rate

  • Student Jobs Dashboard

  • Your Student will be first to apply on the jobs

  • Give Branded Experience to your students

Interview Coach

Student Interview Preparation Platform

With AI mock interviews, students can self prepare for interviews.

  • Assessment Platform

  • On-demand Practice

  • Instant Feedback and Suggestions

Happy Students Equals More Referrals

Optimize your placement outcomes


Quicker Placements

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Less Admin Work

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Faster Job Sourcing

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Cost Savings

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Better Employer Relationships

Build deeper connections with employers. Let the employers shortlist students, move them across the hiring funnel with complete transparency and ease.

Branded Outreach

Smart Employer Outreach

5x your response rates - Craft powerful emails with candidate previews to engage employers instantly.

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Branded Employer Experience

Delight Employers

Superlative employer experience offering complete platform to customize and run their recruitment process transparently with ease

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Auto Shortlisting

AI Match Making

Employers receive auto-matched candidates for their posted jobs saving you time while increasing placement numbers

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In-dept Reports and Analytics

Keep an eye of each hiring cohort and capture deeper insights to make improvements to increase your placement numbers

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Working with LineupX has been a seamless and rewarding experience, significantly enhancing our efficiency and saving valuable time in our operations.

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Shravan Kumar - Assistant Corporate Relations Manager at Careerpedia

White-labelled Platform

Build trust and brand with branded job boards. Students can see your public job board with 1000s of curated jobs building trust, increasing admissions and revenue

100% White-labelled platform

Showcase Your Brand

Preserve your brand's look and feel by customizing the platform's subdomain and colors. Reflect your brand across all touchpoints - Employer panel, Candidate panel and Job board

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Highest security standards protect your business data

Lineup is your 100% safe environment for scaling business. We regularly undergo independent third-party audits and certifications just to make sure your data is completely immune to breaches.

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

Our monitoring system ensures continuous oversight of your data and applications, providing real-time alerts and rapid response to any issues. Our proactive approach guarantees maximum uptime, security, and performance, ensuring peace of mind around the clock

Secure and Reliable

Secure and Reliable

Your data is your data. Period. We ensure your data is always safe and secure while traversing to and from application servers. Our platform and best practices ensures high availability and robust performance, giving you confidence in the safety and dependability of your data and workflows.

Data Encryption

Data Encryption

All sensitive data is encrypted at rest with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to ensure confidentiality. Passwords are hashed and never stored as All your communications with our server are enciphered with industry-standard 128-bit SSL/TLS encryption.

Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy

Our data protection policy is designed to ensure the utmost security and privacy for your information. LineupX’s security policy protects sensitive data, such as information collected, computed, stored, and communicated by our software

Enterprise Grade Infrasctructure

Enterprise Grade Infrasctructure

Our enterprise-grade infrastructure employs multi-step authentication and strict access controls, ensuring only authorized personnel can access sensitive customer data for necessary support and troubleshooting, maintaining the highest security standards.

Access Control

Access Control

All data access to LineupX is safeguarded by a Role-Based Access-Control (RBAC) system, which only lets authorized users access the data. Users can’t view data from organizations other than their own.

Upgrade to Zero Effort Placements

Get started with LineupX, a platform that processes more than 10k job applications every week with 50+ brands

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Indian Address:

6017, Rahul Bajaj Innovation Center, IIT Bombay, Mumbai 400076

US Address:

1007 N Orange St. 4th Floor, Wilmington City, DE - 19801

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